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Himalayan Citrine Wagtail – only the second record!

Himalayan Citrine Wagtail – Motacilla citreola calcarata – This bird is very difficult to see anywhere in the world and it only been seen once before during 12 consecutive years of spring tours to Kazakhstan run by Kazakhstan Birdtours. Birdfinders groups first saw this bird in 2003 in the Sugaty Valley and on 1st of June 2012 Birdfinders group saw a full summer-plumage male during an excursion to the Cosmos Station near Almaty.

Himalayan Citrine Wagtail breeds in the Himalayas and Tibet and instantly separated from citreola by black upperparts. Generally, it also shows broader white wing bars, which frequently merge to form a complete white panel (Alstrom and Mild, 2003). In Kazakhstan it breeds in the central and northern Tien Shan Mountains (Gavrilov, 1993) and occurs in the foothills of western Tien Shan Mountains during migration (Gavrilov, Gistsov, 1985).

Himalayan Citrine Wagtail