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Pallas's Fish-eagle in Kazkahstan

On 22 June 2008, Andrey Kovalenko took this photograph in the Sorbulak area. This is the fourth consecutive year this sought-after species has been found by Kazakhstan Birdtours groups and leaders. Two Kazakhstan Birdtours groups saw Pallas's Fish-eagle at the end of May in 2007 when our Belgian group saw and photographed sub-adult bird in Sorbulak area whilst Birdfinders watched a 4th year bird over the Taukum desert. Kazakhstan Birdtours leaders also observed this species at the beginning of May 2005 (adult in the Sorbulak area) and at the beginning of May 2006 (adult over the Taukum desert). The 2005 and 2006 records have been accepted in the Kazakhstan ornithological bulletin, with the 2007 records pending.