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Relict Gulls return to Kazakhstan!

We have received new from Kazakhstan senior ornithologist Nikolai Berezovikov that, after an absence of several years, five pairs of Relict Gulls nested again this spring at their regular spot on an island in Alakol Lake! On 11th June, a group of Belgian birdwatchers leaded by Hugues Dufourny and Andrey Kovalenko (on tour with Kazakhstan Birdtours) saw four adult Relict Gulls resting on a peninsula of Alakol Lake. Kazakhstan Birdtours is the only tour company arranging birdwatching tours to the Alakol area for Relict Gull. Photographs by Andrey Kovalenko.

Relict Gull Relict Gull
Relict Gull
Relict Gull Relict Gull