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Unusual wagtail subspecies found in 2014

On 9–10th May during a pre-tour trip to Sorbulak and Konshengil we found some interesting wagtail subspecies: the scare but regular ocularis subspecies of White Wagtail, a rarer leucocephala subspecies of Yellow Wagtail and unusual hybrid type Yellow Wagtail; lutea is precluded as it wouldn’t show white on the head and leucocephala wouldn’t show yellow on the head and cheek. This appears to be evidence for interbreeding between wagtail races supporting the idea that at least some of these cannot yet be counted as full species.

<em>ocularis</em> White Wagtail
ocularis White Wagtail
<em>leucocephala</em> Yellow Wagtail
leucocephala Yellow Wagtail
Hybrid Yellow Wagtail
unusual hybrid type Yellow Wagtail